Could We See “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” Content in Atom Universe?

In multiple forum posts and during several AU Community Meetups, I’ve seen a lot of feedback from AU community members wanting to see certain copyrighted content in Atom Universe in the form of virtual items such as clothing or even complete avatars/characters from certain movies or video games. For example, I’ve seen many requests for Star Wars or Star Trek characters to be available in the game similar to how we saw some in PlayStation Home. As I’m sure you know, because such content is copyrighted it would require certain licenses to create. Content that “resembles” copyrighted content can be created without acquiring such licenses if slight changes are made that would differentiate it from the actual copyrighted content as well as referring to the content using names other than the copyrighted names. Atom Republic actually used such methods when they created dance moves for PS Home (as LMOs) that were similar to copyrighted dances. For example, they re-created the world famous dance from Michael Jackson’s music video for his platinum hit Thriller:

but called it “Zombie Choreography” instead of something like “Michael Jackson’s Thriller Dance” as seen in this video from Atom Republic for their 80s Dance Moves they created for PlayStation Home:

Consequently, Atom Republic was able to avoid any copyright infringement while still providing a dance for PS Home users which resembled that of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. For certain kinds of copyrighted content it may be preferred or even required to obtain the necessary licenses to create such content for a game like Atom Universe. Such licenses are typically expensive and time consuming to acquire. To avoid these costs, one strategy Atom Republic could implore is to partner with 3rd party development studios that already have such licenses and have them generate that content for Atom Universe.

In February 2010 LucasArts opened its “Lucas Films” store in PlayStation Home which could be seen at the PlayStation Home “Mall”:

You could purchase many Star Wars virtual items such as t-shirts, lightsabers and full avatars or costumes:

In August 2010 LucasArts released the Mos Eisley cantina on PlayStation Home as seen in these pics:

and this video:

Many new avatars and costumes were releases as well, including female versions of C-3PO and a AT-AT Pilot:sw610


Sony PlayStation is a large corporation with many contacts and thus negotiating a deal with LucasArts to create this copyrighted content in PlayStation Home was not difficult, especially given LucasArts had created games for the PlayStation console. In comparison, Atom Republic is of course a small indie studio which doesn’t have such relationships which would enable them to negotiate such deals.

In August 2013 Flashman Studios LLC created “Star Trek: The Next Generation” costumes and items for PS Home as can be seen in this video:

and these pics:

With Flashman Studios’s long relationship with CBS and some experience with avatars, they were was able to successfully negotiated a license and released the aforementioned Star Trek content for PlayStation Home. So the thought was that Atom Republic could possibly partner with Flashman Studios to have them create remastered versions of that Star Trek content for Atom Universe. I got a chance to talk about this with Tim Lewis, Director of Brand Services for Flashman Studios. First I asked about the status of the licenses they had acquired for Star Trek content to see if they could be leverage them for creating similar content for Atom Universe. Unfortunately, Tim said: “Since PS Home was shut down we let the licenses we had for properties such as Star Trek and Star Wars expire. We have no plans to reactivate those licenses at this time, but let’s touch base again after Atom Universe launches and we can discuss whether there’s an opportunity to bring some branded content into the game.” Flashman Studios is currently involved in the development of games such as Riptide GP. Knowing that Flashman Studios had been using predominantly Unity 3D for game development and that Atom Universe is being developed using Unreal Engine, I asked Tim if they had any experience with UE4 to which he responded: “We have a couple of client studios who have used the engine for game projects and they are certainly capable of creating branded content for Atom Universe. Whether or not they’ll be interested in doing that will depend of course on how AU does in the market.” I’m confident that Atom Universe will be successful after it launches so I’m sure there will be an opportunity for Flashman Studios to create content for Atom Universe in the future! Flashman Studios wishes to keep in touch and so we will see what happens. In absence of the required licenses to create exact replicas of well known copyrighted content for the game, Atom Republic developers can still get inspiration from such copyrighted content to create their own for Atom Universe and use the previously described methods for avoiding copyright infringement. This will most likely be the approach until either the required licenses are explicitly obtained or partnerships are formed with companies that have already acquired such licenses.

Trisha, Editor for J.F.C & The Virtual Community

The above article was written exclusively for J.F.C & The Virtual Community 

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Interview with Game Mechanics About Atom Universe

As many of you may already know, during the Kickstarter for Atom Universe, Atom Republic announced that Game Mechanics, former content creator for PlayStation Home, would be creating content for Atom Universe. You can read the full Kickstarter announcement here. Game Mechanics created a lot of great content for PlayStation Home such as the SeaCliff Retreat personal space/club house (day and night versions), personalized furniture, and A Day at the Races horse race game.

The CEO of Game Mechanics, John Ardussi, also created the Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove game for PlayStation Home:

I got a chance to chat with John this week for an exclusive interview for J.F.C & The Virtual Community.

Trisha: Hiya John! On behalf of J.F.C & The Virtual Community and the Atom Universe Community, I want to thank you for taking the time to chat with me as we are very interested in what you have been working on and what you will be doing for Atom Universe!
John: Thanks for asking, Trisha. When we were doing items and spaces for PS Home, there were two of us – Mike Gehri and I. Since then Mike moved, joined a racing team and lots of other fun stuff. I have been working on games with several different people in several different countries. Every new project has brought something new and exciting. I have not been bored.

Trisha: LOL I wouldn’t think you would be bored. I know you always stay busy. You have many fans within the AU Community who are all excited you are part of this project that we all love so much! As you know, April 1st marked the 1-year anniversary of PlayStation Home’s closure. Fortunately for us, Atom Republic has been working on their Atom Universe project and it was announced last March that your company agreed to be a partner for the game and create content for it. Can you tell us a little about how you learned about Atom Universe and why you decided to partner with Atom Republic for it?
John: When Home announced it was closing, I sat down and tried to figure out what it would take to make a new version. And the bottom line was it was bigger than any project I had done outside of Sony. While I have connections, I am hesitant to ask other people to invest in my idea. I am not a money man. So I decided to hang back and see what happened. A few projects were trying Kickstarter and other ways of funding but their numbers were way too low compared to my analysis. Here was my plan in a few sentences:

  • $2,000,000 up front funding
  • 18 months of development before it brought in any money itself
  • Focus on being able to charge users money for things
  • Create an open system that others could create content and sell items

Most of the plans that came out from other developers did not match my plan at all, so I stayed out of it. People were asking me to choose sides, but there was no side to choose. I tried contacting Lockwood about Avakin since that seemed like it was going live, but I never got an email back. In hindsight it looks like Lockwood is doing all their own content so no place for me.

Then in March of last year I got an email from Tanguy Dewavrin of Atom Republic about working with them. I said it is a great idea but I needed to generate revenue to stay in business and Atom Universe was at least a year away from being able to sell things on their platform. I met with their new lead programmer at E3 but the message was the same – no money for outside developers anytime soon.

But their plan was very close to mine. They had many of the same priorities and understood what it was going to take to create a platform worthy of people spending money in. So I endorsed their project as one I thought had a chance to make it.

I have been a player, a supporter (including Kickstarter), but not much help to them otherwise, not yet anyway.

Trisha: Well I know the capabilities for 3rd party development for Atom Universe are still being worked out and so I’m sure you’ll be able to contribute more in the future. I’m excited that Game Mechanics is on board with Atom Universe and can’t wait to see your content in the game. Now I know you have been involved with many different projects, most recently Demo Derby for which you launched a Kickstarter in January. Can you elaborate on what you have been working on over the last year since PS Home’s closure?
John: As an independent developer, you have to keep the money flowing. So I have made a few games since I left Sony. The first was The Hat Man: Shadow Ward. It is a first person survival horror game where there is no map and there are no instructions. You just have to feel your way around.

Next I ported an old Macintosh game so it runs on modern hardware. The game is called Crystal Quest Classic. It plays exactly like the original from 1988. It is just as fun and addicting as it was back in the day.

My latest project is called Demo Derby. Back in 2001 I did a demolition derby game that was true to the sport. No power ups or rocket launchers. Just crashing, bending and the last car moving wins. Rather than just doing an update of that game, I am starting from scratch and building it all new: new car models, new tracks, day/night options so you can derby under the lights, etc. Everything will be better. I already have a demo version up on our website and people are loving it. We did a Kickstarter in January that did not reach the goal, but we have moved our fundraising over to the Game Mechanics website at: You can get all the rewards from the Kickstarter but it ends 6/30. The game is scheduled to be out near the end of this year.

Trisha: Those all sound like great projects and I wish you the very best with Demo Derby! As you know, Atom Universe is being developed using Unreal Engine. I understand that because PlayStation Home was developed using a proprietary, in-house, Lua-based platform, similar to Unity, many former 3rd party developers for PS Home are more familiar with the Unity gaming engine (which many used for prototyping their work for PS Home) versus UE. Based on previous conversations we’ve had, you made me aware that you really didn’t have much experience working with UE either. How do you plan to address that in order to create content for Atom Universe?
John: I had never done anything with the Unity engine before I did our Hat Man game. When I showed up at Sony to start work on PS Home, there was no one in the building who knew what I was supposed to do. They pointed me at a computer and a dev kit and said, “Go.” So picking up a new development environment is what I do. Atom Republic isn’t asking me to do anything yet so I have not spent any time on it. If they call and I have time, I am on it. Recently I have had no time, which is a good thing. I prefer living indoors and my landlord wants rent every month. Lately I have been in golden shape getting outside work.

Trisha: Yes, we all have to pay those darn bills don’t we lol. I’m sure you will have no problems getting up to speed with UE. Now even though you haven’t been able to immediately contribute to creating content for Atom Universe using UE yet, I recall you telling me you were still able to help Atom Republic by providing assets for your horse game. Can you elaborate upon that?
John: In November Tanguy contacted me about porting my horse race game from PS Home, A Day at the Races, to Atom Universe. He and I worked out a deal for them to get my source and the beginnings of that you can already see in the Arcade Plaza. That is all in their court now. I cannot wait to see it working.

Trisha: Oh yes, I have noticed the horse track at the Arcade Plaza and now we know where it comes from! I can’t wait to see it working in the future! So have you been keeping up with news on Atom Universe and Atom Republic’s progress on the game? Based on what you have seen or know about Atom Universe, what do you like about the game so far and what would you most like to see in it?
John: I have walked around a few times and it shows promise. My experience is likely unusual in that I usually go in around midnight Pacific Time and no one is around. Technically it looks great. Its success will be based on people being able to buy things and hangout playing fun games. Until we see that, I will be concerned.

Then part 2 will be the ability of others to make content. I have seen a few apartments but have not seen a way to go in them myself. I need to go and hangout more.

Trisha: Well I’ve been on the Early Access version late at night when there weren’t others around too so maybe I’ll see you sometime. 🙂 Plus, during this stage of development access to PS4 users, who comprise the majority of the AU Community, is limited to Kickstarter backers/donators and those who have won PSN codes via various contests and giveaways. The Mirage House private space created by SubD Studio was accessible from the beginning of the Alpha last year up until the Early Access version was released in March of this year. SubD Studio recently remastered that space and I actually got a chance to chat with them about that here as a follow-up to my previous interview with them. I think we would all love to see spaces like the Seacliff Retreat you created for PS Home in AU! So what kind of content do you plan to create for Atom Universe? Previously created content for PS Home and/or something different?
John: I have promised Atom Republic that the day they make it so I can build items that I can sell on their platform, I will port any of our PS Home items that people want. I also had a couple that never got released that would be fun. And I really want to have another shot at autonomous characters again like the Mysterious Doll, the Robotic Canine and the Robotic Feline. I am sure I will make a few boom boxes. And who knows, maybe even a pirate game. 😉

Trisha: Sounds great, John. That Cutthroats game on PS Home was a lot of fun and I’d love to see something like that in AU. Thank you very much for your time today and we look forward to hearing more updates from you in the future as well as seeing your content in Atom Universe!
John: It’s always fun to tell my story, Trisha. And I still miss PS Home. I wish there was something similar here today, but soon we will have Atom Universe. We should go out for a few drinks and I’ll tell you my PS Home Fashion Space story. Thanks for the interview. Hopefully I’ll run into you in Atom Universe!

Trisha, Editor for J.F.C & The Virtual Community

The interview above was conducted and written exclusively for J.F.C & The Virtual Community 

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Interview with Engine Giant Entertainment About Atom Universe


As many of you may already know, in May of last year, shortly after Atom Republic’s Kickstarter for Atom Universe, it was announced that Engine Giant Entertainment, LLC, had joined Atom Republic as a partner for Atom Universe to create content for the game. You can read the full announcement on Atom Republic’s Blog. Engine Giant Entertainment had previously created content for PlayStation Home such as the Animanga 3D collection and the Elemental Masters costumes and LMOs.


I’ve been talking to one of the Co-Founders of Engine Giant Entertainment, Luis Villarreal, who was nice enough to agree to a quick interview for J.F.C & The Virtual Community to let the AU community know what they have been working on since PS Home was shut down a year ago as well as their plans for Atom Universe. Luis arranged for Tim Graybill, one of the Co-Founders/artists at Engine Giant Entertainment, to answer some questions.

Trisha: Hiya Tim! Thank you for taking the time to speak with me as we are all fans of the content you created for PlayStation Home and very interested in what you have been working on and what you will be doing for Atom Universe!
Tim: Hey Trisha, great to talk to you. Let me just say we are very grateful to have a community of fans that is interested in what we are developing next. We hope everyone continues to follow as we begin to work with Atom Republic.

Trisha: Thanks Tim. Yes, you definitely have many fans within the AU Community and we are all very excited that you are on board with the project! As you know, April 1 of this year marks the one-year anniversary of PlayStation Home’s closure. Luckily, Atom Republic started up their Atom Universe project and we learned that your company agreed to create content for their game. What made you decide to partner with them on the game?
Tim: Well, a little before we announced our partnership with Atom Republic, there were a few new PS Home like games announced. We took some time to do a little research into these games and found that Atom Universe had the most potential out of all the new prototypes we were researching. I think the biggest factor in us deciding to go with Atom Universe is that it is using the Unreal Engine. I believe that Unreal will be the strongest game engine in the coming future especially because of how well Epic Games is supporting new Virtual Reality platforms.

Trisha: Yes, from what I have seen of the Unreal Engine, the graphics are “unreal” (no pun intended lol) and have also heard that it is indeed the best gaming engine for Virtual Reality. Now we haven’t seen any updates from you guys over the last year, but Luis did mention you guys had been undergoing some changes. Can you elaborate on that and share what you guys have been working on over the last year since PS Home’s closure?
Tim: After we announced partnering up with Atom Republic, they were still in the process of developing the core components of the Atom Universe game. They are still developing the process for 3rd parties to release content in the game. Once this process is finalized we hope to provide a steady stream of content for the game. We have been working on some other unannounced projects as well.

Trisha: I see, Tim. That makes sense. Now since PS Home was developed using a proprietary, in-house, Lua-based platform, similar to Unity, most former development studios who created content for PS Home, including yourselves, are more familiar with gaming engines like Unity which I understand many used for prototyping their work for PS Home. As you mentioned, Atom Universe is being developed using Unreal Engine which I’ve learned has not been part of the technical skillset for many former PS Home developers. Do you have any experience in your shop with Unreal? If not, how are you addressing that so you will be able to create content for Atom Universe?
Tim: We are, as I said before, big fans of Unreal. It is our engine of choice and we would be working with it even if we weren’t working on Atom Universe. When working on PS home in the past, we felt very limited with what we could do because PS Home’s engine was very restricting. We are very excited about the possibilities Unreal will bring to a social game like Atom Universe. It will allow us to have more creative freedom when coming up with new ideas for the game.

Trisha: That sounds great and I’m glad your team is technically ready to develop for Atom Universe using the Unreal Engine! So have you been keeping up with the news on Atom Universe?
Tim: We have been following the games progress so far and we like the direction it’s going in. The game is still fairly early in development, and it will be awesome to watch Atom Universe grow as more content comes out.

Trisha: It’s great to hear you say that because I and the AU community totally agree! Now from what you have seen or know about Atom Universe, what do you like about the game so far and what would you most like to see in it?
Tim: I think the coolest part about Atom Universe is that they are already talking and working with VR. Atom Universe has the potential to be the world’s first great VR social game.

Trisha: What kind of content do you plan to create for Atom Universe? Previously created content for PS Home and/or something different?
Tim: We hope to come up with new ideas that will entertain our fans and also work with the community to develop content that is popularly requested.  We also hope to be able to bring back some of your favorite items from PS Home and release them in a way that makes sense in Atom Universe.

Trisha: Thank you very much for your time Tim and we look forward to hearing more updates from you in the future as well as seeing your content in Atom Universe!
Tim: Thanks to you and all our supporters!

Trisha, Editor for J.F.C & The Virtual Community

The interview above was conducted and written exclusively for J.F.C & The Virtual Community 

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“Mirage House” Remastered by SubD Studio for Atom Universe

Previously, I had an interview with SubD Studio, one of the content creators for Atom Universe which you can read here. As mentioned in that interview, SubD Studio was previously working on remastering their “Mirage House” and a couple of weeks ago they shared images of the result (including a couple which were provided just for J.F.C & The Virtual Community: Day 05 and Night 01) which you can see below:


Remastered Mirage House – Day 01


Remastered Mirage House – Day 02


Remastered Mirage House – Day 03


Remastered Mirage House – Day 04


Remastered Mirage House – Day 05


Remastered Mirage House – Day 06


Remastered Mirage House – Night 01


Remastered Mirage House – Night 02


Remastered Mirage House – Night 03


Remastered Mirage House – Night 04


Remastered Mirage House – Night 05


Remastered Mirage House – Night 06


Remastered Mirage House – Night 07

These are concept images for the original “Mirage House” which are close to what it currently looks like in the Alpha version of Atom Universe:

Here is a video of the remastered space:

I got a chance to chat with SubD Studio about their recent work on the “Mirage House”, other projects for Atom Universe, and more. This is what they had to say.

Trisha: When looking at the original “Mirage House”, I thought it already looked very nice. Why did you want to remaster it?
SubD Studio: We are always looking for giving our best to the users. We decided to remaster it as we felt that we could do it much better. So we said, why not?  Also, we didn’t just want to remaster the design and landscape, but wanted to improve the player’s experience too.

Trisha: I see a lot of very nice new furniture added both on the inside and by the pool area outside. It looks like the mountains in the background might even have been touched up too. I really like that you have included night time photos as well since there will be day/night cycles in Atom Universe. Can you take a moment to highlight what you think are some of the most noteworthy changes you made to the space as well as what you had to do to support a night cycle?
SubD Studio: Exactly! We designed an exclusive furniture collection with five free items: sofa, coffee table, floor lamp, dining table, and dining chair. As far as the landscape, we decided to create a more interesting and detailed environment with more of a “Mars” feeiling than a real life desert. We made improvements to the house design to provide a more useful interior for the space that is easier to decorate. Additionally, we implemented visual elements that provide a much more dynamic and “live world” experience. It wasn’t easy, but we added the day/night cycle because we wanted to provide a similar concept of Atom Universe’s “Hub” for Atom Republic. Due to technical and visual issues, this may not be feasible for all the spaces we create for Atom Universe.

Trisha: I know the private space creation contest back in April, of which you were one of the winners awarded an opportunity to create content for Atom Universe, is over. However, Tanguy has agreed to allow some members of the AU Community to submit more personal space creations to Atom Republic for consideration of being featured in Atom Universe. They are using Unreal Engine 4 with the same requirements/constraints as the aforementioned contest. One of those requirements is that the UE4 projects have less than 250k triangles. To put things into perspective for them, how many triangles is the old and new Mirage House?
SubD Studio: Keep in mind that the “Mirage House” was not for the private space contest while the “Cave House” was. The old Mirage House has 280k triangles and the new one has 560k triangles (including the furniture). By the way, the number of triangles is not all that affects the performance of the space. There are other factors such as effects, textures, etc.

Trisha: In past conversations, you said that you two have been working on other spaces too. Are there any more details you can share at this time?
SubD Studio: We are polishing up the “Cave House”. Also, we are working on several things right now, but at the moment this is all that we can share. 

Trisha: Have you had any time to spend on the Early Access version available on Steam? If so, what are your thoughts on what you see?
SubD Studio: Yes, we have and had a good time chatting and bowling! This motivated us to keep working hard on our projects! We are so excited on seeing how things are progressing!

Trisha: Thank you very much for your time and I’m looking forward to finding out about your updated “Cave House”!
SubD Studio: Thank you for the chat and we’re looking forward to sharing that with you also!

Trisha, Editor for J.F.C & The Virtual Community

The interview above was conducted and written exclusively for J.F.C & The Virtual Community 

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Exclusive Interview With SubD Studio, One of the Content Creators for Atom Universe!

As many of you may know, back in March 2015, Tanguy announced a private space creation contest on the Atom Universe forums here.

In mid-April 2015, the winners of the contest were announced in update #29 of the Kickstarter project as well as on Atom Republic’s blog. One of the winners was the duo of Sergio Isaev and Noel Toro, who built a beautiful cave house for the contest. Here are some pics of that space (taken from the aforementioned Kickstarter update and Atom Republic blog) which includes an infinity pool and a minimalistic interior and offers spectacular views:

Sergio and Noel have formed a development studio called SubD Studio and having won the aforementioned contest, are now official content providers for Atom Universe. Near the end of September 2015, SubD Studio uploaded the following virtual tour of the Cave House space to their new YouTube channel and as you can see, it looks AMAZING!

In November 2015, I had the pleasure of conducting an exclusive interview with SubD Studio. Sergio and Noel were both very nice and provided their background and experience as well as some insight into their work on Atom Universe. Here is what we discussed during the interview (note that the first couple of questions were answered individually by Sergio and Noel while the rest were answered as a team):

Trisha: Hiya Sergio and Noel! As I know you are both very busy designing for Atom Universe, I very much appreciate you taking time to chat with me today. Could you each tell us a little about yourself as far as your development/design background and experience and how you got into doing that?
Sergio: My background is based on architectural visualization and 3D design, but I have loved creating and designing all my life! My experience with game development is very recent. In fact, Atom Universe is my first real experience in this industry and I’m really enjoying it!

Noel: I have always loved architecture and design, but unlike Sergio, I started with line drawings using pencil and paper until I discovered the new technologies that helped me to better develop my ideas. My collaboration with Atom Universe is the first time that I’ve been involved with games and have now discovered a new passion.

Trisha: So were either or both of you users of PlayStation Home? If so, what did you enjoy most about PS Home and what similarities and differences are you looking for in Atom Universe?
Sergio: Yes, we were PS home users and indeed that is was where Noel and I met! I personally very much enjoyed the ability to let my creativity loose on decorating my personal spaces and of course meeting new people with whom to chat and play. At the moment I see many similarities between both games, but I need to see Atom Universe fully completed to give a more detailed answer.

Noel: I fully agree with Sergio. Anecdotally, I will tell you how we met. After the famous PSN outage we were in PS Home’s PS Plus public space, trying to get the red sofa and the stool. To get it, we had to win a number of consecutive rounds with 4 players. I went with a friend, trying day after day, until finally we got it. Before leaving the room we saw two guys annoyed because they could not get it. So I offered to help. At first they declined, but finally agreed. One of them was Sergio. Over time we became great friends, and four years later we are working together on something which for us will be the new PS Home!

Trisha: So how did you guys start working together to form SubD Studio?
SubD Studio: We’ve known each other for quite a long time, but lived our lives separately until we were presented with the possibility to take part in Atom Universe. Then without hesitation we decided to form a team and that is how SubD Studio was born!

Trisha: Did you have any history with Atom Republic prior to entering the contest becoming content providers for Atom Universe?
SubD Studio: We knew Atom Republic thanks to PS Home, and that was what motivated us to join Atom Universe.

Trisha: How do you like working with Unreal Engine and what have been your biggest technical challenges with using it?
SubD Studio: We love working with UE4 which offers so many possibilities. The biggest technical challenge was getting adapted to the UE4’s workflow. It is very different from the software that we’ve used previously.

Trisha: In your opinion, what do you think are the advantages of using Unreal Engine over other gaming engines?
SubD Studio: Basically we are using it now because it is the engine used for Atom Universe, but its graphical quality is what makes it stand out from other engines.

Trisha: Are there any other tools that you use in your work for Atom Universe, e.g. any custom tools provided by Atom Republic or other development tools of your own choosing?
SubD Studio: We do use other software besides UE4 such as: Cinema 4D, SketchUp, Photoshop, the entire suite of Substance Designer, etc. but we are always looking for new tools to improve our content. For now, we have not used any tools provided by Atom Republic.

Trisha: Have you had any collaboration with other developers from the Atom Universe team and if so, can you describe your experiences?
SubD Studio: For now, we have not had that pleasure, but expect to enjoy that experience in the future!

Trisha: As you already know, I loved the video of your “Cave House” personal space and it seems to have been very well received by the community. What was your inspiration for the creating this space?
SubD Studio: First, we want to thank the AU Community for their kind words and their reception of our content! The inspiration for the “Cave House” comes since we knew its location. We decided to design a house with sharp shapes because of its similarity to the surface of a rock in that the house was sculpted from a mountain’s stone as was its collection of furniture.

Trisha: Can you share what other kinds of personal spaces you are currently designing or plan to create for Atom Universe?
SubD Studio: Yes, we are working on several projects right now, but it’s a surprise! However, we do want to share that we plan to remaster the “Mirage House”.

Trisha: Do you plan on designing other content for Atom Universe besides personal spaces, e.g. club houses, public spaces, virtual items for avatars, etc.?
SubD Studio: Yes, definitely! We have big plans and ideas for the future. We want to focus our work on creating high quality content and applying our knowledge of architecture and general design. As PS Home users we know what the community is looking for, but also like to read the opinions about our content to improve and meet all needs.

Trisha: I know that you guys are busy with designing for Atom Universe, but hope you will have time to play the game too. From a user perspective, what kinds of features, items, spaces, etc. would you like to see in Atom Universe to enjoy?
SubD Studio: Of course! For sure we will be users of Atom Universe! As users, we would like to see mini-games with collectible prizes, regular video games, and the possibility to customize our avatars.

Trisha: Thank you very much for your time today and we look forward to seeing your content on Atom Universe and hopefully in the game itself!
SubD Studio: Thank you too for this interesting interview! We enjoyed it so much!

Trisha, Editor for J.F.C. & The Virtual Community

The interview above was conducted and written exclusively for J.F.C & The Virtual Community 


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